Content is the reason search began in the first place.

– Lee Odden

Writing great content that works well with both search engines and users is an art by itself. Yes! great SEO content does not just rule, it dictates. Search Engine copywriting is an intelligent process of naturally writing quality content with key phrases that ranks you high on every search engine keeping in line with SEO best practices.

Anyone can sell a product but a brand is unique.

For instance, many companies sell sport shoes but Nike with its logo and tagline “Just do It” or Adidas with its “Impossible is nothing” connects with its customers practically & emotionally.

In Fact, Brand is the heart of the company.


Engagement with
Quality Content


What is quality content?

At SNS Technologies, Quality content is not about stuffing in keywords to make you findable, Quality is about matching keywords to searcher intent. The ultimate goal is to be remarkable on the web by being up to search engine standards.

Search engines look for relevance between your content & your business. The topics that you post should establish you as an expertise.

Search engines like Google & Bing will rank your content based on your trust value that it’s established on your website content like your main page, about page, privacy policy regarding data, registration and links.

Search Engines look for a strong SEO foundation that is able to get sizeable traffic to your website perennially with a strong SEO, ideal site navigation & a clear linking strategy

Getting constant traffic to your website and conversions depends on quality content. SNS Technologies ensures quality and SEO like this

  • We create catchy titles that strikes the right chords with the visitor. It matches with the search intent, its concise (max 50 characters) & contains vital keywords
  • Exceptional Meta description that is specific. Precise in about 1-2 sentences with keywords that hit.
  • Easy to read URL in small case and concise in length.
  • Appealing headline that captures the essence of the body text. May include numbers and may contain the why, what and the how.
  • Sub heading answers to users’ question, each para sub heading reflects the concept discussed.
  • Body is constructed ideally to discuss the topic. Contains one main keyword with high volume and low keyword difficulty. Has additional keywords that keeps focus on the content and supports the main keywords
  • Comes with bulleted lists & links to other related sites.
  • Eye catchy relevant images with a relatable name a descriptive ALT tag and quick loading ability.

Great Content
Inspires Call to


Good content
is not storytelling
but its telling
the story well


It’s all about the writing- SNS Technologies writing Services

Before the marketing comes the writing. Our experts will create awesome content for you by focusing on all the factors of content building.

  • We begin by evaluating your existing content understanding what works for you and then create a strategy that lay down the framework for a high quality content enhanced for SEO.
  • Strong SEO writing needs good Keyword research. we create one primary keyword and then create additional key words that support the primary keyword.
  • We do deep research before writing. We understand who your audience is and topics matters to them.
  • We determine the search intent and learn the right format that might be applicable. Search intent can be classified four distinct types.
    A. Informational keywords for visitors looking for information
    B. Navigational intended keywords for users who are looking for a specific website or page
    C. Commercial intent is for the searcher considering purchasing options
    D. Transactional intent is about the searcher who is ready to purchase
  • Our SEO content writing services provide optimization based on whether they’re local, national, or international. We also optimize your existing website content.

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