Leads are nothing but potential customers and in turn, they are potential revenue

Business goals are all about revenue. Data & analytics on customer preference can shoot your lead generation process into the future.

Lead generation is ultimately attracting potential customers to boost revenue. Gathering relevant information about prospective clients helps make precise decisions throughout the purchase cycle and increases profit margins.

If you are not into lead generation then you are losing a major chunk of your business to a competitor who is harnessing the power of lead generation.


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The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web – Wayne Davis

Finding your clients online requires a lot of research. The main goal will be to direct more traffic to your website & boost the conversion rate. You need expertise that will galvanize your sales team to sell exponentially!

SNS Technologies is your go-to when it comes to effective leads’ that generate revenue.

  • Clients are assigned a dedicated Project Management team.
  • The team then develops the Lead Development strategy.
  • Leads are developed and delivered to clients.
  • As the campaign evolves, we apply vital changes to increase lead volumes

The many ways SNS Technologies optimizes your Lead Generation

We make your customer feel that your business addresses them and their requirements exclusively and constant follow-ups ensure that it builds long- standing relationships.

  • We Generate Leads through Google Ads - by running targeted ads around your business keywords on google that will capture a lead's attention and direct him to your website.
  • We Use direct Email & Email lists – by sending well-designed & personalised emails to prospective customers, we can generate quality leads. An email marketing campaign with your product details & offers not only hikes up the conversion rate but also provides an understanding of market drifts and customer choices.
  • We use Opt-in forms to generate leads out of visitors who complete the form. We ensure they receive something of value like an e-book, a how-to-video and a simple weekly newsletter in return for their contact details.
  • We engage people on social media - by getting them to share opinions on brands, enter product contests, and take a survey for a reward. This feedback and contact capture helps build strong & quality leads.
  • We believe Blogs & Newsletters work magic - Having a blog section on your website will keep your customers engaged and allow us to lead capture through opt-in forms. Blogs are put up periodically with options for interaction like feedback. A weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter will work. Every time we have a newsletter signup, we have a guaranteed lead.
  • We encourage Videos & webinars - Today's ‘how to’ videos on YouTube & Vimeo can get you enough subscribers that are prospective leads. A webinar can work for you as a virtual meeting. Our team will study your business and help you create engaging visual marketing content that converts subscribers into actual revenue.
  • We help you create Lists & Presentations- We create awesome presentations for your business which can be your brand's subject matter expertise. Lists offer customers varied options to choose from with regard to pricing, quality and quantity. When people click on their options, they automatically become prospective leads.
  • We create Live Chats & FAQs - A live chat allows you to engage with potential customers. This direct engagement creates brand loyalty.

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