Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell

Communication today is multifaceted yet more sharp & focused, Brand Journalism is one such facet that is enabling companies to tell the many sides of their brand story to different people in different ways. Often, companies think that they have no stories to tell. Ask any Brand journalist and they will tell you if there are people working, then there are stories to tell. These stories are marketing goldmines waiting to be told. These can make real and meaningful connections while remaining transparent, responsive and accessible. Yes! Content is as valuable as the product themselves and therefore Brand Journalism!

Brand journalism consists of a brand using its own media to publish stories about itself and engage readers. It’s pretty much like a company thinking of itself as a newspaper.

Larry Light McDonald’s CMO, Created the concept in 2004.


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The Importance of Brand Journalism A Win-Win for your Business

Research by OneSpot concluded that 92% of consumers want companies to make ads feel like a story. The best marketing is customer-centric and story-driven. Brand Journalism does just that. It builds

  • Awareness
  • Paves way for content marketing
  • Address Industry Trends
  • Lead Generation

The SNS Technologies Brand of Journalism

Let our journalists turn your business publishing ideas into reality. Feature compelling stories that generate sales. Our service will

  • Establish your brand voice
  • We ensure that all brand content is Search engine optimized
  • Publish regular stories
  • Publish content that will rank high on google
  • With well crafted content we build awareness & guarantee repeat customers and also make your brand a trusted source for useful information
  • Stories are aligned with the brand goals
  • Write for the reader and not promote the product
  • Write content that converts

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In a world of overused Jargon, the story always stands out.-Thomas Scott, Brand Journalist
How we tell a great story

We don’t spin imaginary yarns, instead we tell well- crafted compelling true stories.

The 1st step- Is a discussion about your business and how our services will help you generate business.

The 2nd Step- We get a fix on your content goals and strategize a long-term plan.

The 3rd step- Our journalists get to work writing engaging brand stories for your blogs, print media & social media. We SEO optimize your content. We also track your progress and give you periodical reports

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