Precise Editing & proofreading are pillars on which great content stands tall.

Editing is understanding publishing purpose and make content effectively sharp and interestingly readable. Editors check your content for

  • Structural consistency & coherence
  • Grammar, spelling & punctuation
  • Content clarity & conciseness
  • Tone, style & formatting
  • Proofreading is the process of preparing the final version for publication. The proof reader will again go through the edited document carefully checking for consistency, grammar, punctuation, spelling, design accuracy.
    Looking for high-quality content for your business? Are you looking to get your thesis or manuscript copyedited and proofread? “Look no Further!”


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    SNS Technologies-Specializer Editing & Proofreading Services

    Whether you are an online blogger, writer, content creator or you’re writing your PhD dissertations, thesis or a manuscript writer you are an executive sending out high value proposals or you are doing literature, art or tech reviews you need a professional editor & proof-reader to work your copy.

    The SNS Technologies Editing team will shape your written content making precise changes for both print & digital content
    Language & Style:

    • Grammar, punctuation & spelling
    • Check for clarity and logical flow
    • Create a tone to your text that will resonate with your audience
    • Increase or decrease your content length based on your publishing platform for effectiveness
    • Constant suggestions on writing style

    Proofreading Content

    We work on your publishing ready content to make it error free and accurate. We re-visit your content with a fine-tooth comb to check for grammar, spelling & punctuation errors. We dive deep into your content searching for any unlikely inconsistency or clarity in the flow. We sift through your entire document to correct formatting and approve it for final print.

    The SNS Technologies editing team will throughout the process provide you vital tips & feedback on various areas like

    • Your length and structure of your paragraph. how to fit your style into the format you are using.
    • How to avoid redundancy and not repeat words
    • The organization of each chapter in relation to your writing goals
    • The strength of each chapter to support your topic
    • Weightage your headings & title carries

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