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Submitting URLs with Fetch as Googlebot Speeds Up Indexing

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The web giant Google has come up with a number of useful tools and the Webmaster is one such valuable tool that lets you get an insight of your website.  This tool has a lot of extraordinary features that helps you identify the issues of your website and know how your site is crawled, indexed and ranked in Google.  Fetch as Googlebot is one such feature that lets you see a page as Googlebot sees it.  Google has recently integrated URL submission with Fetch as Googlebot and indexing a page is no more a Herculean task for webmasters.

When can this feature be used?

You can use this feature if you have launched a new website or added some new pages to your site. You can also submit already indexed urls to keep the index updated with latest changes in the page.  For instance, if you have added some new content about a few upcoming events and you want the cache to be updated soon, then this is the right option.  You need not wait till Googlebot crawls and indexes the page naturally. This feature could also help if you have mistakenly published some information, later detected it and want to update the cached version soon after the information is removed from your website.


The process is very simple.  Go to the dashboard of your Google webmaster account and click ‘Diagnostics’ and from the given options, click ‘Fetch as Googlebot’.  There, in the text box, provide the web page url you want to check.  In the next drop down select ‘Web’ to see what Googlebot sees in a webpage.  The other drop down options include cHTML (mostly used for Japanese websites) and Mobile XHTML/WML, which can be selected if you want to see what Googlebot mobile crawler sees in a page.  Then click ‘Fetch’.  If Google is successful in fetching its version of the page, you can see a link “Submit to Index’’. When you click “Submit to Index”, you can find a dialogue box asking you if you are submitting only that url or the other linked pages as well.

If you are submitting only the url, you have a maximum limit of fifty submissions a week.  While submitting urls with linked pages, you can submit up to ten submissions per month. You can always check “Fetch as Googlebot’’ page to know the remaining number of submissions.

If you don’t have a webmaster account and you want to submit the url for indexing, you can use the new crawl url form. This method also has the same limitations for number of url submissions.

It is not mandatory to use these url submission methods. However, Google will find and crawl your content naturally. If you want to speed up the process, then never hesitate to use these cool features.

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