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5 years ago, the average article length ranged between 500-1000 words. In 2022 63% of articles according to orbit media research exceed 1000 words and 36% go above 1500 words and have reported higher readership or following.

Long-form content is any piece of written content that exceeds a word count of 750-1500 and then few others say it is articles that go beyond 2,500 -3,000 words. This change shows an inclination towards longform marketing content, it need not necessarily convert to business. The trick here is in the when & how of making exciting long form content.


Telling a
story to



The principal motive to create longform content is to provide readers with content that are solutions to their problems. When its your brand that comprehensively clarifies, you got yourself a following. For instance, if you are a paint company, a search for the availability particular type of paint requires just reply. But a query on why a certain type of paint is applicable to a particular weather condition requires a longform detailed answer.

  • Telling a story
  • Optimize for Search Engine
  • More Shares & Conversions

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