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Link Building Tactics

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You would have been aware of the significance of Link Building and the major role it plays in SEO. Link building, when done properly builds the reputation of a website, improves traffic and conversion. Therefore, a good link building campaign can take your business to the next level in a short span.

What is a good link building campaign?

A good link building campaign is not restricted to just one type of acquiring links. The link profile of a website should have a mixture of all kinds of valuable links. A successful link profile should have links from all sources of link building including blog commenting, directory submission, bookmarking, forum posting, profile linking, web 2.0, resources links, guest posting and link bait. Equal distribution of links from all these sources makes your link profile effective. These links can be either free or paid, however Google considers sites with paid links are against webmaster rules. You should know that the success of a link building campaign is not measured by the quantity of links, but by the quality.

Role of Content for Effective Link Building

Forget “making your links look natural” and make sure they are natural. Content plays a key role in getting natural links. Acquire more of natural links, so that your site stays well ranked in search engines for a long term.

Link Baiting

Link Baiting can either be an article, video, image or audio in your website that drives the user’s interest. A link bait article allows getting relevant, high PR links for a website. Link baiting is the only source for getting natural links to your site. Authority sites tend to link to you naturally when you have a unique, well researched content.  However, choosing an appealing link bait topic for your website is crucial. Read Matt Cutts advice on Link Baiting to have a clear idea.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is another method of getting good traffic and high link value for your website. You can get enough traffic from the site you have posted the article and the link value is awesome. However, you have to choose a quality website for guest blogging. Most of the websites offer a couple of links in the author bio section. But, if you are able to get in-contextual links in a guest post from a reputed website, then there is nothing like it. You have to apply effective guest blogging strategies to get the most out of it.

Advanced Link Building

Advanced link building is stage 2 link building. You have to build links to the pages where you have trade links. It is really worth to acquire links for your guest posting and other high quality link pages. You can easily boost your ranking for the most competitive terms, applying this strategy. If you focus on a specific keyword for guest blogging, say for example, “dog food” and then if you build links for the same anchor text to the guest post page, the keyword gets a real boost in SERPs. This link will be a significant addition to your link profile.

Another natural link building tactic is link blending. You can include related authority site links in your guest article, which you feel would be helpful to the user. So when someone searches for “dog food”, then you can see your site listed along with the other authority websites. You can read more on Link blending and advanced link building strategies by Neil Patel.

Choosing Websites for building links – Key Considerations

There are many factors to consider when choosing a website for building links. You should always have good neighborhood, otherwise you will fall prey to Google’s frequent algorithmic changes.

Site Age: The site you choose for building links should be at least more than two years. Age represents the site’s authority.

Updation Ratio: Make a thorough check if the website is updated frequently. If it’s a blog, check the frequency of blog updation or if it’s a services website, check if they have provided ample information about their services.

Site Page Rank: Look for websites with high page rank, at least above PR4 for building links. Never compromise on quality.

Cache: Check if the pages in the site are cached by Google. Include the string “site:domain name’’ in Google and check for the number of cached pages in the site.

External Links: Make sure the site has minimal external links. If you have more external links in a page, then the link juice is distributed to all the sites equally and you won’t get the most out of it.

Good Neighbourhood: Check the complete link profile. Make sure, the site has good neighborhood and it doesn’t link to any adult websites. To check this, you can use SEO Moz’s Open Site Explorer tool, a perfect alternate for Yahoo Site Explorer.

These are some of the major factors to look for when choosing a site for building links.

Link building is no more a game with old rules. There are many advanced link building strategies that we need to know to sustain in the game and win successfully.