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Google Algorithm Update – Feb – Apr’12

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It’s just a month since this section is updated in our site, but Google has made some significant algorithm changes within this short period. It is very crucial for all the webmasters to keep in track of all these changes to create successful SEO strategies for websites. In addition to Jan-Feb algorithm updates, there are quite a few changes that might require tweaking your strategies.


Feb 27th Venice Update

Venice update offers new ranking chances for local businesses. Before Venice update, if you search for a keyword, for eg: “SEO services” you would have seen the organic search displaying results generally without focussing on the location. But now, if you are searching for ‘SEO Services’ from California – USA, and then the top results displayed are SEO Services from California in organic search results. Before, only if the location is specified in the search like ‘SEO Services California’ Google will consider displaying the services sites from California, but after the Venice update, Google displays organic search results based on the location searched from. This provides quick results for the users search query. The results are nowhere related to Google Places. Venice allows your business to rank in page 1 of your local searches easily.
For more information on Venice update and how to make the best of this update, check

Feb 27th Search Quality Updates

Google reported 40 search quality updates at the end of February. There are many changes including indexing, site links, synonyms, UI elements, Safe search, auto complete, rich snippets, spell corrections, improved local results, link evaluation and much more. Each of these 40 changes is very important that it improves the quality of searches radically. You can visit for detailed information on these Search Quality Updates.

Feb 27th Panda 3.3

The launch of Panda 3.3 update refreshes the Panda 3.2 January 15th update. It’s just a data refresh and a minor update. This is confirmed by SEO Round Table.

Mar 24th Panda 3.4

Google confirmed Panda 3.4 update via twitter
“Panda refresh rolling out now. Only ~1.6% of queries noticeably affected.”
This Panda update has affected around 1.6% of websites. From the first Panda update in Feb 2011, Google’s effort of filtering low quality websites from the searches is still on and there are thousands of websites affected. Never compromise on quality, then your website can remain unaffected by Panda. This update is confirmed by Search Engine Land.

April 3rd March 50 Changes Pack

These updates are 50 changes pack for the month of March. This was released on April 3rd. Google’s uncut video gives an idea why and how these changes and updates were made. The main areas of changes include Anchor text tweaks – this shows general handling of anchor text and the best way to use it, Improve image search relevance, handling of symbols for indexing, better handling of navigational queries, and improve accuracy with short answers feature, profile pages indexing and much more.

The total list of March 50 changes pack can be found at Google’s official blog.

Google is going to continue its algorithm changes unless it feels that the users get their best for search queries. Whatever changes you make to your site, think in users perspective and you will never fail or fall prey to any algorithmic update.