Your brand is not what
you sell

– Jon Iwata

It’s what sells what you sell. A brand is an idea or image people have about what you sell.

Anyone can sell a product but a brand is unique.

For instance, many companies sell sport shoes but Nike with its logo and tagline “Just do It” or Adidas with its “Impossible is nothing” connects with its customers practically & emotionally.

In fact, Brand is the heart of the company.




Create a digital brand that could launch your billion-dollar business

Want to build an identity that communicates your idea?

Then you must activate a strategy that can create a splash. SNS Technologies creates brands that are inimitable in style, easy to find and hard to forget.

We Create

We come up with a blueprint for long term development of your brand purpose, its distinct identity, consistency and emotional impact on your target customers. This is achieved by setting specific goals to increase overall awareness, ensuring positive perception through interaction & encouraging loyalty and advocacy.

We guarantee your brand strategy is met with components that will drive growth in the form of leads and sales generated. Our plans include website user experience, SEO & Content marketing, social media marketing, E-Mail marketing & (PPC)

We meticulously study and examine the brands current position, its effectiveness, understand opportunities for further development and evolvement.

We position your brand ideally that it resonates with the customers the value and concepts of your business. A positive positioning helps gain the competitive advantage and market share.

We create a look & feel for your products that will communicate what’s great about your brand. Our experts will use form, material, color, texture, lighting, sound & product behavior to create an effective visual language.

We ensure brand identity guidelines so that everyone in the company & others understand how to represent your brand.

What are
needed to
creating a


Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

-Seth Godin

SNS Technologies puts life into your brand, that it lives in the hearts and mind of your customers. Identifying and articulating what makes you special is the power of your brand. We put it forth to the customer.

We study their interactions with your brand through social media channels, e-commerce channels, traditional marketing channels or through modified and new brand touch points and work on an adaptive design. Perceptions change with time and we make sure your brand evolves with it.

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