With innovation, CHANGE is the only constant.

The application landscape has changed. Leveling up to the demand for a growing business to “keep itself relevant in an evolving digital environment” is the only way forward. If you are an organization with an IT service that’s more reactive than proactive you are most certain to be left behind.

The pressing issue with small, medium (SMB) and even big businesses is – very limited IT resources. Apps are a must as they offset the lack of human resource. Yet at the same time these applications need to be crash resilient. The SNS Technologies AMS sets you free from overheads of having a full time IT support team, the cost saved will reflect in higher ROI.

SNS Technologies AMS comes with a team who have the expertise in a varied suite of applications, programming languages and database management. This way you don’t pay more and you are never short of resources.

The SNS Technologies application management approach is to provide you with the agility, efficiency & productivity using DevOps, cloud, automation agile etc. We offer you a flexible service model that lets you determine the service you require.


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The SNS Technologies AMS- Delivering Enhanced customer experience!

Application Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Optimization:

Application monitoring is a process that provides runtime metrics of system performance. It regularly measures and evaluates the performance of an application like transaction time, system response, transaction volume and overall health of the back-end infrastructure, and provides the means to isolate and rectify any abnormalities.

The SNS Technologies Monitor/Manager

Full-stack application, database, virtualization, and server performance optimization

Fashion awesome customer experiences across your website by monitoring end user experience. Get actual insights about user habits in your websites and web applications. Troubleshoot errors and guarantee increased customer satisfaction!

Screen and rectify issues in your server — on physical, virtual as well as cloud environments. Avert server downtime & ensure resources capacity effectively. Detect and resolve database issues that impact application performance. Automated monitoring databases like RDBMS (e.g., Oracle, SQL server), NoSQL (MongoDB), in-memory (mem-cached) and big data stores (Hadoop). Monitor and enhance the performance of Docker, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift containers and applications.

Stay abreast of your website & internet services capabilities like HTTPS, DNS server, FTP server, SSL/TLS certificate, SMTP server, POP server, URLs, REST APIs, SOAP web service, and more. Advance the function and convenience of ERP solutions like SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & AX, and Siebel CRM.

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The Benefits of SNS Technologies AMS

The primary benefit is innovation with value!

  • SLA based service to suit your business
  • Hands-on troubleshooting with accurate root cause analysis
  • Maintain, Enhance & manage the AMS which allows you to focus on your business initiatives
  • Compare performance shifts with code commits and builds. Constant checks to see if code changes have impacted the performance of your business applications.
  • The SNS Technologies AMS will augment your productivity, cut cost & risk and increase the ability to adapt & scale to the latest technology without interruption to everyday business.
  • Ensure applications deliver a great user experience and meet business goals.
  • Support multiple time zones & round-the-clock support
  • Remote monitoring and management for active maintenance
  • Provide you a solid backup and disaster recovery strategy
  • A reliable, single point of contact dedicated to your business and also has an established escalation path.
  • Work with your legal team to address compliance issues

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